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              For many decades windows operating system have managed to grasp the market of technologies as well as computing because of its user friendly look and feel.  In this topic I am going to tell about something that I know about windows 7 different edition of this and the characteristics of 32 bit as well as 64 bit.
               One other limitation of FAT file system is its lack of built in security and so on.
So lets get ready to dig in.  I am going to say a few things about every topic but mind you this topic may range many electronic and computational books.

                 Microsoft windows 7 introduce advanced features that help users to intuitively view or I will say it summarizes and find and organize information on the computer.  Windows 7 delivers good personal productivity and digital entertainment on the computer.

                 Now let me introduce you to some edition of windows 7.  So let’s start gathering knowledge.

                There are six different editions in windows 7.  Different editions are made targeting different users.  Say for example if a user does not want all the features available in an expensive editions, then he can go for a cheaper edition.  The six editions of Windows 7 are as under:-
·         Windows 7 starter does not support or include the windows aero user interface, DVD playback windows  media center,  IIS web server or internet connection sharing .  A computer with starter edition cannot do domain joining .  This edition does not support enterprise features such as Encrypting File System (EFS),  Applocker , Direct access, Bit locker,  Remote Desktop Host and Branch Cache.  This edition of windows supports a one physical processor.
·         Windows 7 Home Basic edition  is ideal for homes with basic computing needs such as the browsing the internet, viewing photos and the mobility center. It also provides secure environment to help protect your system from harmful attacks
·         Windows  7 home premium edition  is mainly designed to provide productivity, entertainment and security for home and mobile pcs.  This edition provides windows Aero experience,  Windows media center for media entertainment, Windows media player for remote access.  Tablet PC for support for laptops, and premium games
·         Windows  7 professional edition  is suitable   It modifies the home premium edition by adding business networking  and remote desktop access, window xp mode, presentation mode in mobility center location aware printing  and file encryption.
for small businesses.
·         Windows  7 ultimate edition  is complete package that combines all the editions.  It provides the power and security features needed for work such as bit locker and access to many languages.
·         Windows  7 Enterprise edition  lowers the IT costs and risks to meet the needs of large global organization with complex It infrastructure.


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