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Friends i am going to discuss something about windows 8.1 new features.  It will help you to become more aware of the windows 8.1 technologies it uses but i am going to give you some knowledge of this subject.  So let’s get started.

I am going to discuss some important features of windows 8.1.

There is significant change is present between Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.Windows 8.1 is advanced than windows 8.  It has got many additional business-focused to make it easier to deploying, administrating and using Windows 8 environment pervasively.

Now I am going to discuss some astounding features that is included in windows 8.1 and above.

Bring your own device improvements.

Since most of the people have their own computing devices these days, it is obvious to get connected with the corporate environment using corporate network to access the applications and services.  Thus Windows 8.1 is introduced with the set of improved features to support people who like to adapt the concept of bring your device improvements.

Workplace Join: - the feature of windows 8.1 enables to neither completely join or completely remove from the domain.  Also with this features we can work on the devices chosen by us and access the enterprise network resources.  Access to resources can be controlled easily and we can have a good control over devices that are register using work place join.

Work Folder:  Using this feature a user can synchronize data from the enterprise network to the user folder of their device.  When the work folder is implemented, the files those are created in the device locally also synchronized to the network folder location.  However the client computation device need not to domain joined for the purpose of accessing the shared content.

Mobile Device Management: Once users enroll their devices in to enterprise network they are joined to Windows Intune management service and can access the company portal.  Thus the user will have a consistent user experience to access their application and data.  This enables the user to manage the devices by their own.  This will enable the user to manage their devices effectively and can manage mobile devices without deploying a full management client.

Web application Proxy : This feature enables publishing the access to corporate resources to devices.  Also it enforces multifactor authentication additionally with the conditional access policies being applied to verify user and device identity before granting access to resources.


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