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Friends i am going to discuss something about windows 8 features.  It will help you to become more aware of the windows 8 technologies it uses but i am going to give you some knowledge of this subject.  So let’s get started.

I am going to discuss some important features of windows 8.

  1. START SCREEN –the start screen is the tile based and the tiles can provide current information live.  These tiles aare configurable in such a wayan interactive hub experience for users. It is significantly different from the start button interface of windows 95 and subsequent windows operating systems with its touch friendly layout.

  1. CLOUD INTEGRATION – windows 8 is capable of integrating the user with cloud based services and information instantly once users signing in to a windows 8 computer.  Thus the user can connect to the informatin and settings that are ket in he cloud which are important to them.  Regardless of the location of the computer, the user is ensured with consistent experience while using windows 8 computers.

  1. RESET AND REFRESH YOUR PC –This Feature Enables The User And The It Staffs To Take The A Comuter Back To A Specific Default State Or Recover Windows 8 From Errors And Corrupt Operating System Files.
    • RESET YOUR PC FEATURE –This Feature Removes The Entire Personal Data , Apps, Amd Settomgs Frp, The Pc, And Reinstalls Windows.
    • REFRESH YOUR PC FEATURE –this feature keeps the entire personal data, windows store apps and other important settings and reinstalls windows.  But it retains the user experience and uer data.

  1. WINDOWS TO GO –using this feature , we enable to supply a fully function copy of windows 8 which can ever start and run from a usb storage device.  Also this kind of boot user can experience a complete windows 8 experience with all their files applications and settings.

  1. REMOTE DESKTOP SERVICES –remote desktop services capability is to another new features avaiable with windows 8, wjocj enables multiple users to connect remotely to the same computing infrastructure simultaneously with n isolated session.  To have robust and universal access tro windows 8 desktops it uses virtual desktop infrastructures scenarios.

  1. HYPER V –to have a flexible and high performing client virtualization we can use the client hyper –v on windows 8.  Also this environment can be leveraged to use a single computer to test applications and it scenarios in multiple operating system configurations.  Using hyper –v , we can provide a virtual environment through virtual machines compatibility with windows server 2012 in as consolidated and efficient manner .  The hyper v features is available with pro and enterprise edition of windows 8.


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