Different editions of windows 8.1

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There are three types of edition of windows 8.1.  They are made for different users of public.  Many use it for research work; many use it for business work.  I am going to write few things about different version of windows 8.1 or i say i will give introduction of editions of windows 8.1.  So let’s start

We should select a device with the best mix of feature which can suit the users need according to the definition.  Also it is important to select the suitable version of windows 8.1 operating system.  Most of the vendors provide preinstalled operating systems with the device.  For example Microsoft surface pro comes preinstalled with a 64bit edition of windows 8.1 pro.

Windows 8.1 –this edition of windows 8.1 contains only the key operating system features and runs application such as Microsoft office suit.  This is appropriate for home office environment and small business environment which requires a few simple features.  Also remember that, we will not be join computers that are running this edition to active domain directory services(adds) (domain) and this windows 8.1 edition can be activated only with a retail license key.

Windows 8.1 pro –this edition includes features like bit locker, client hyper-v, domain join, group policy and boot from vhd and it is suitable small and medium sized businesses which may not require technologies such as app locker, branch cache, direct access and windows to go for the purpose of meeting the business objective.  The windows 8.1 pro is activated with a retail license key and volume license options such as multiple activation keys(mak) and key management services(kms) keys.

Windows 8.1 enterprise :- this edition is used in mostly likely to deploy in large business environments and this edition includes all features that are available in windows 8.1 operating system.  Such features include the availability to joining the computer to adds domain,  applocker branch cache, direct access, windows to go and the ability load windows store app and so on.  The windows 8.1 enterprise edition can be activated only by volume license key .


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