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There are total three types of installation of windows 8.1.  Namely clean installation, upgrade installation and migration.  All of the three are important to learn.  But in this post i am going to tell you something about clean installation which is a most important type of installation.  So let us begin

CLEAN INSTALLATION :- a clean installation means installing the windows operating system on the hard disk with no previous installation or when the disk is format prior to the installation. 

Using an image can also perform an installation.  Clean installation can be done on both computers with and without an operating system.

  executed a clean installation on a computer without an operating system by starting directly from the dvd, and if the computer already has an operating system, run setup.exe to start installation.

Clean installation is the most successful and popular form of deployment in medium size and large size environments.  A clean installation means installing the window operating system on the hard disk with no previous windows installation, or when the disk is format prior to the installation.  Clean installation also involves wiping an existing operating system. 

Now i will give you some theory about different types of clean instalation.  Here they are.

INSTALL FROM DVD: from clean installation from a dvd, the system must have connected a optical drive.  Use the installation media provided with retail copy of a operating system or a copy of installation media that is obtained from a microsoft volume licensing service and then written to optical media.

  installation also approves the use of costumized image with optical media, but the size of the image is constrained by the  maximum amount of data that can be stored on a dvd.  This installation method is slower than installing from usb device.

INSTAL FROM USB : with this method, one usb device can install the operating system only on one computer at time.  Installation from a usb device can also occur with customized images.

  retails version of windows 8.1 are available in this form.  This method of installation is quicker than the installation from dvd, but it requires modification in bios or uefi setting on the target computer to allow boot from usb.

  an unattended installation can happen, if the unattended installation file is available or located in the usb device.

  INSTALL FROM WINDOWS DS : this method requires deployment of windows ds and dynamic host configuration protocal on windows based server on the lan , in addition to this it also requires that the target computer must have an pre boot execution environment network, or boot device is configured to allow network communication.

 use this installation method with an unattended installation file configured to a windows ds server, with multiple operating system images and to deploy windows 8.1 to multiple computers at once by using multicast.

PERFORM AN IMAGE BASED INSTALLATION : use the pre installation environment to start a computer and then use deployment image servicing and management to apply windows 8.1 image.

 this automatically installs windows 8.1 and applications across networks use deployment solution such as mdt and configuration manager. 

Mdt and configuration can also configure light touch installation  (lti) and zti.  During the deployment lti requires minimal user interation where as zti requires zero touch installation.

INSTALL FROM A SHARED NETWORK FOLDER : this method involves starting the computer by using windows pe and connecting to a copy of the installation files stored on a shared network folder. 

this method is no longer commonly used because other more efficient , such as installation from usb devices, windows ds, mdt or configuration manager.

the organization requirement should be the sole consideration for selecting the method for a clean installation.  an organization performing a small number of a windows 8.1 deployments that do not rquire substatntial customization, choose either the installation from dvd installation from usbv method.

  an organization that performs a large number of windows 8.1 deployments should consider using mdt or configuration manager.


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